WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 48 – Fin



On this weeks show, we have finally returned! We go over the (not) recent Monstrous Summer Event, and a big announcement from us. We also have a Fav 5 segment featuring our top 5 favorite Walt Disney World Attractions of all time. All that, and a lot more! Thanks for tuning in!


WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 47 – Invading the Kingdom


Episode 47 – Invading the Kingdom

On this episode of WDW DIS-Cussion, we start off with the news as always. We talk about the controversial new story about people paying disabled people to get on rides quicker, and lighter stories like the Star Wars Weekends schedule. After that , we head into our main topic. This week, we discuss plans for the upcoming 24-hour day at the Magic Kingdom. Official festivities include:

  • Vinylmation giveaways throughout the day (make sure you follow us on Twitter @WDWDISCussion if you want to win!)
  • Lunch/phone charge meetup at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
  • Pajama party at midnight (best PJs win a free vinylmation)
  • Group TTA ride with our pajamas on
  • And for those of you who will not be in attendance – I will be hosting a livestream where you can watch all the action from the comfort of your home!

After our main topic, we bring back our History Segment with Nick! This week, we pick up where we left off with Wonders of Life. This was recorded first a few months ago, but for some reason my audio didn’t record. But now we have a full lesson for you all about the Life & Health pavilion at Epcot.



As if the news of Disney keeping the Magic Kingdom open for 24 hours on the May 24th wasn’t big enough, we here at the Wakefield Report and WDW DIS-Cussion Show have big plans of our own for the big night! Throughout the day you will be able to meet up with the hosts of the WR and WDW DIS-Cussion Show at a variety of events that are tailored to make the day even more magical.

These events will give you the chance to meet with fellow listeners, ask the hosts questions, win prizes, and much more. The events for the day include multiple Vinylmation giveaways throughout the day. If you would like to win one of these Vinylmations all you have to do is follow us on twitter @WDWDISCussion, @wakefieldreport, or @madh4773r. During the 24 hour party we will tweet the times and locations to meet us for Disney trivia and your chance to win a Vinylmation. We have a bunch of Vinylmations to giveaway so if you are in the park, make sure you follow us on twitter!

We will also be having an 11AM get together at Pecos Bills for a lunch/chat session. Grab your taco salad and your Kinsey fries because this is your chance to ask WDW DIS-Cussion Show host Brandon Glover any question you want! He will also have a power strip with him, so if you need to charge up there’s your chance!

At midnight put on your favorite pair of pajamas and meet us by the Partners statue for a group picture! Whoever has the best pair of pj’s will win a Vinylmation! After the group picture we will walk over to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover for a ride!

And there will be much much more to come the day of the event so keep your eyes peeled to those twitter accounts!

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 46 – Iron Man 3 SPOILERcast


Episode 46 – Iron Man 3 Spoilercast

On this return episode of the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, we discuss the recent May the 4th Be With You day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Brandon and Chris were both in attendance and they share what activities were going on that day. Then, we hop into a discussion about the newest Marvel movie, Iron Man 3 (Spoiler Alert)! WARNING: This show contains spoilers from the new Iron Man 3 movie.

Remember to check us out on Monday nights at 7:00pm EST on WTSC Radio!

Link pile:

 May the 4th Be With You Dance Party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios HD

May the 4th Be With You at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Update

This is a photo update from Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 4th, 2013.

Dance Party Video:

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 45 – Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Episode 45 – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This week on WDW DIS-Cussion, we talk all about the Animal Kingdom. Beginning with what’s planned for the day of the 15th Anniversary (Monday, April 22nd), and why we think Joe Rhode won’t be showing up. Then we go on to discuss our first visits to Animal Kingdom, extinct attractions, and dining at the park. We are later joined by Tim Grassey of WDWThemeParks.com as he tells us about opening day at Animal Kingdom.  Later on we have our Fav 5 segment and this week we are listing off our 5 favorite Animal Kingdom attractions. All that and a lot more, this week’s show is a long one!

Martin Smith’s Animal Kingdom Ultimate Tributes:

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 44 – WDW with Children

Episode 44 – WDW with Children

On this week’s edition of WDW DIS-Cussion, we kick it off with some WDW and DL news. This includes the announced quick service going into the Morocco Pavilion, and Iron Man Tech at Disneyland’s Innoventions. Next, we have our main topic. This week, we’re talking about Walt Disney World with children. That’s right, the place that’s mainly FOR KIDS. And for our last segment, we have the debut of the Extinct Disney Park Characters Battle Royal. Tune in to hear what happens!

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WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 43 – News & Rumors, Fav 5

Episode 43 – News & Rumors, Fav 5

[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/episode-43-news-rumors-fav-5.mp3]

On this week’s episode of WDW DIS-Cussion, we are joined by Tim Grassey of WDWThemeParks.com. We start off as we always do, with the news. We talk about everything that’s been opened recently at WDW, including the Annual Passholder RFID ticket event that’s going on now, as well as the newly renovated Splash Mountain. Then it is time for our Fav 5 segment, our main topic for this week. We discuss our top 5 favorite music tracks from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. All that and much more, thanks for listening!


Happy Easter!

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 42 – Attractions We Love to Hate

8588239130_6c14e859d2_oEpisode 42 – Attractions we Love to Hate

[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/episode-42-attractions-we-love-to-hate.mp3]

On this episode of the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, we begin with speculating what could be the cause of the removal of the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun and Disney Channel Rocks show could mean. Then we jump into our main topic which is Attractions We Love to Hate. We talk about attractions that we see on a regular basis, but may not enjoy when we experience them. Then it’s time for our Fav 5 segment for this week, featuring our top 5 favorite counter service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom. All that and more so tune in!


WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 41 – The Battle Lives On


Episode 41 – The Battle Lives On

[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/episode-41-news-draft-fav-5-wakefield-challenge.mp3]

This week on the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, we start off with the latest in WDW news. We have a small discussion about the vandalism done to the Barnabus T. Bullion portrait in the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad queue. Then, we determine the next characters for our Extinct WDW Park Characters Battle Royal. We have a Fav 5 segment discussion our top 5 favorite WDW attractions in the 21st century. We end the show with the Backwards EPCOT Music Challenge. Tune in to see what happens!

Trash in Buzz Lightyear queue

Trash in Buzz Lightyear queue

Trash in Buzz Lightyear queue

WDW Fantasy Baseball League

The 2013 MLB season is starting up, and with that we are starting our own Fantasy league on ESPN.com. This is open to any and all WDW fans and are NOT Red Sox fans (I tease). To join, simply go to the link below and use the password “disney”. There are 18 spots available, and the draft is on Thursday, March 28th at 8:00 PM ET. If you cannot make it, please tell me ahead of time. It will be a fun an exciting season, so join our league to have some more fun!

Link: http://games.espn.go.com/flb/tools/join?leagueId=138177

Password: disney

There will also be a LIVE Skype chat going on which anyone who is drafting is welcome to join.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 40 – Trip Report, Fav 5, Battle Royal


Episode 40 – Trip Report, Fav 5, Battle Royal

[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/episode-40-trip-report-fav-5-battle-royal.mp3]

On this episode of WDW DIS-Cussion, Brandon discusses his weekend stay at WDW. He talks about Art of Animation and everything new that he had seen this past weekend. Next we introduce a new segment; Fav 5. Each week we will come up with a category based on anything at WDW and list off our 5 favorite things. This week, it is our 5 favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios Tracks. We rap the show up with the GRAND FINALE of our Disney Park Characters Battle Royal. It is Experiment 626 Stitch, versus all three grim Hitchhiking Ghosts. Tune in for the exciting conclusion!

Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Pictures


Art of Animation Resort Pictures


WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 39 – Current State of WDW with Jim Hill



Episode 39 – Current State of WDW with Jim Hill

[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/episode-39-current-state-of-wdw-with-jim-hill.mp3]

This week Chris, Michael, and Ryan are joined by Jim Hill from Jim Hill Media. We discuss the latest at Walt Disney World including current projects, the Limited Time Magic promotion, latest on Disney’s talks with James Cameron, My Disney Experience, and more. It is great to have Jim on to discuss what’s actually going on in the World, enjoy the show!

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 38 – Guest Classifications


Episode 38 – Guest Classifications

[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/episode-38-guest-classifications.mp3]

On this episode of DIS-Cussion, we are joined by the WDW Fan Boys as we discuss the latest news and rumors, including the Disney Springs rumor, new Hidden Mickey pins for this year, Flower & Garden & Food options, PUSH’s 18th b-day, Epcot segway tours, and more. Our main topic for this week is Guest Classifications. We categorize guests into certain groups, particularly ones that we don’t like.

Brett Interacting with an Italian Tour Group

Illuminations – Where To Stand?

Good evening. We are gathered here around the blog, as Disney nerds have gathered for thousands and thousands of nanoseconds before us to share a story about Illuminations: Reflections of Earth! If you’ve listened to an episode of the WDW DISCussion Show or follow me on Twitter, you probably already know that Illuminaitions is my favorite nighttime show at Walt Disney World. I’ve seen the show more than 50 times over its tenure from various locations around the park, and I’m going to share with you a few of my favorites viewing spots. Recently I’ve begun to take my camera and tripod into EPCOT to take photographs of the show, so I will also share a few of what I consider to be the best locations to set up your gear.

First and foremost I have to mention a few things that could affect your ability to choose a certain location. Disney rents out several of these sites for private parties on any given night, so you may not be able to watch from your preferred location. Another important thing to keep in mind is timing. If you’re at EPCOT on a busy night, you may need to arrive up to 45 minutes or earlier to get a prime viewing location. My suggestion would be to grab a snack or beverage from one of the several locations throughout World Showcase and enjoy the evening until its showtime. The viewing areas in the World Showcase promenade area typically fill up quickly, so be sure to plan ahead according to the location you choose. A note about photography: trees, light poles and torches can be nice things to look at, but you don’t necessarily want them in your photographs. Try choosing an area with an open, unobstructed view of the lake.

World Showcase Promenade

This viewing area is right down on the waterfront, as soon as you enter World Showcase. From here you will have an excellent view of the show with no obstructions. Keep in mind that this area is typically very busy because of its proximity to the exit to Future World and its center view of the lagoon. On recent trips I’ve noticed this area being used for private parties, so if its booked up look to the next best sites, on either side of the shops. I’ve not been able to photograph from this location yet, but it is perfect for capturing the show due to its proximity to the barges.


International Gateway

This viewing area is located between the United Kingdom and France and offers a good angle towards the center of the lagoon. The show is largely unobstructed, save for the island which sits just to the right of the barges in your view. If there is a party at this location (it is the location I’ve seen booked most frequently), try standing on the bridge between the UK and France or the small standing area behind the Yorkshire County Fish Shop. I have photographed from this area on a couple trips and in my opinion it is not the best location to choose from. The island to the right can get in the way of some shots, so keep that in mind when choosing a location based on photography.



The Japanese pavilion has a couple of options to choose from as far as views go. The primary location is along the lagoon where the Torii Gate sits. There is an island to the left of this area and trees can get in the way here, but you do get a nice close-up of the globe barge. I’ve taken some nice photographs from this location, though it is one of the furthest points from the center of the lagoon. The second location to consider is on the second floor of the Mitsukoshi building. There is very limited space here, but it provides a wonderful view of the show. You won’t have to worry about trees blocking your view from up there. If you want to try for this space, grab some tasty snacks from the back room of Mitsukoshi and get there early.



This is my preferred location to set up and watch Illuminations, as you have an unobstructed view and are at a nice angle to the center of the lagoon. There is plenty of room along the railings to set up your tripod and take that perfect photograph. The only drawback is that this is also one of the more frequently occupied locations for private parties. If it is in use for a party, sometimes they do not use all of the location, so you may be able to stand along the railings if you’re lucky.


Norway and Mexico

The last location I’m going to mention is between Norway and Mexico. Here you have a wide and open area to view the show, though if you’re too far into Norway you may be obstructed by trees or the island to the left of you. This area fills up fast and can become extremely crowded on any given night, so make it a point to show up early if you’re going to choose this location. I have not attempted to take photographs in this location because it is usually too crowded for a tripod, but it is very close to the action in the center of the lagoon.

So there you have it, my favorite locations to view Illuminations from around World Showcase. There are plenty of fine places to view the show, which also includes Future World if you want a quieter, less crowded location. If you are like me and interested in taking high quality photographs of the show, arrive to your location up to an hour early to ensure that you have ample time to set up your equipment and that you have a spot along the railing. What is your preferred location to view Illuminations?

Thanks for reading, and remember you can now listen to us each and every Monday night at 7pm on WTSC Radio at Live365.com!

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 37 – WDW Transportation



Episode 37 – WDW Transportation


[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/episode-37-wdw-transportation.mp3]


On this episode of the DIS-Cussion Show, Brandon, Chris, and Ryan discuss all parts of Walt Disney World Resort transportation. All kinds of water transport, the monorails, the buses, and everything in between. The only thing we didn’t talk about in this show was the tandem bikes at the BoardWalk (shoot us). Tell us what your favorite mode of WDW transportation is in the poll below!




WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 36 – Disneyland Trip Report


Episode 36 – Disneyland Trip Report

[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/episode-36-disneyland-trip-report.mp3]

On this week’s show, we all listen to Chris’s trip report from Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. He talks about attractions, stories, and we compare Disneyland to Walt Disney World. We go through every part of his trip, including how disappointed he was when he learned 6 attractions were closed for refurb. At the end of the show, we discuss why everything in Disneyland looking great makes Walt Disney World look terrible.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 35 – News and Rumors


Episode 35 – News and Rumors

[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/episode-35-news-and-rumors.mp3]

On this edition of the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, we are joined by Tim Grassey of WDWThemeParks.com as we discuss a wide range of news stories. From Tony Baxter’s retiring to next-gen and RFID rolling its way through, and even some new Duffy merchandise (I know). We also discuss the California Grill concept art, the Disney Transport buses’ new look, and rumored projects for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Tim also tells Chris what he should be expecting from his upcoming trip to Disneyland. And at the end of the show, the Backwards EPCOT Center Music Challenge returns as we see Tim challenge Chris.

Photo from WDWMagic.com

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 34 – Favorite Magic Kingdom Tracks


Episode 34 – Favorite Magic Kingdom Tracks

Remember to listen at 7pm ET on WTSC Radio Monday nights!

[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/episode-34-favorite-magic-kingdom-tracks.mp3]

On this edition of the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, Brandon, Chris, and Ryan discuss our favorite music from each land of the Magic Kingdom. We also talk briefly about the Limited Time Magic event for this week. And of course, at the end of the show Chris challenges John Corigliano, host of Your Ear to the World on WDWNTunes.com.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Bonus Episode – News, Tournament Semi-Finals, Universal NOW!


Bonus Episode – News, Tournament Semi-Finals, Universal NOW!

[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/bonus-episode-news-tournament-semi-finals-universal-now.mp3]

On this bonus show, we talk latest news including Limited Time Magic, LIVE! with Kelly and Michael, and Habit Heroes. We then do the semi-final round of the Disney Park Characters Battle Royal (which you can vote on below). We then challenge Chris once again to the EPCOT Center Music Challenge. Afterwards, we share many details on our upcoming Universal Orlando podcast, Universal NOW! Which will be debuting on February 10th.

Habit Heroes 2.0 Review

Written by Brandon Glover


Habit Heroes 2.0

After a year-long absence Habit Heroes reopened this week at EPCOT in Innoventions, debuting a brand new storyline.  The former incarnation of Habit Heroes saw recruits visit Will Power’s Gymnasium where they were taken through a series of missions to defeat bad habits.  It is speculated that the original version closed due to guests displeasure with the content displayed within the attraction.  Today, we have a brand new attraction housed in the same space in Innoventions.

The storyline is essentially that you are recruited to fight bad habits, which is similar to the original, but presented in a different way.  The attraction layout has been reversed, with guests now entering what used to be the final showdown with Leadbottom.  During the attraction you will train in three areas: Power Moves, Blasters and Shields.  The Power Moves section features arm swinging motions (think kung fu moves) used to defeat three different types/strenghts of bad habits.  This section is less intense than the previous calisthenics heavy activity featured in the original attraction, and is easy for people of all abilities to participate in.  In each section, the team of 12 recruits will earn a score, which is translated into a star rating – 5 being the highest.  After completing this task, guests move into the Blasters game.  Blasters utilizes the former Sugar Fairy room where guests use blasters akin to the ones used in Toy Story Midway Mania to destroy bad habits.  Instead of lobbing carrots and broccoli at a wide array of sweets and junk foods, guests simply target the bad habits with their lasers.  The animation in the game is brand new and has two timed contests as before.  Finally, guests enter the Shields room where they are given a colored RFID card (which must be returned after finishing the activity).  Instead of zapping televisions this version has brand new animation where bad habits are falling on virtua cities.  Guests create a shield by tapping their colored RFID card on the Habit Heroes logo on the station under the cities which their colored habit is invading.  There are four colors of bad habits in this section, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.  This section underwent the most physical change, as it previously had four colored buttons on each station around the room.  They are now each outfitted with a single RFID Habit Heroes logo.  After completing this section, guests enter the former Will Power’s Gym to finish their training.  Guests are then given one of three colored wrist bands and divided into three teams.  Each group is given a pamphlet with a further mission to complete around EPCOT.  I was given a red band, so I had the Red Mission which takes you to another Future World pavilion to find a code word.  For those guests who are not familiar with EPCOT, there is a map that shows locations of the missions in the attractions exit.  The pamphlet also promotes the Habit Heroes app that guests can download for use in park and at home.

The new Habit Heroes is a huge improvement over the former version, as well as a more complete attraction.  With the improvements, guests of all abilities will be able to experience this attraction and will certainly enjoy its positive tone.  The additions of the app and extra missions gives guests more opportunities to learn about bad habits and how to overcome them.  Personally, I didn’t see anything wrong with the original attraction.  I experienced it twice during the soft opening period and was not offended by anything in the attraction, though I am not easily offended.  In my opinion, it certainly didn’t warrant a one year closure before reopening with a new storyline.  Having said that, the new version certainly will be well received by audiences and should remain controversy free.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 33 – To Infinity, and Beat Down!


Episode 33 – To Infinity, and Beat Down!

[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/episode-33-to-infinity-and-beat-down.mp3]

This week on the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, Chris, Brandon, and I give our opinions on the latest news including Disney Infinity, Boulangerie,  and the upcoming Wilderness Explorers. We know, Habit Heroes opened but it was the day after we recorded this show, so there will be a Bonus Episode coming out on Wednesday to talk about that. For our main topic this week, we bring back the Disney Park Characters Battle Royal. 8 characters are cut to 4, you don’t want to miss it! At the end of the show, Chris shows how much he really knows about EPCOT Center in our new segment.

Disney Infinity Official Announcement Trailer

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 32 – All the News and Q’s


Episode 32 – All the News and Q’s

[audio https://wdwdiscussion.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/episode-32-all-the-news-and-qs.mp3]

This week, we welcome Nick back to show and present him a very prestigious title. We talk about the latest talk-abouts  in the Disney community, including new merchandise, the WDW Maraton, Limited Time Magic, and Adam The Woo. Then, we get into our topic which is our favorite queues at Walt Disney World. We go through each of the parks and pick our favorites. Not only that, but we pick on our favorite people we like to pick on: Brazilian tourists. All that and more on this week’s edition!

Fox News Interview With Nomeus, Adam The Woo, And Leonard Kinsey

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 31 – 2012 Year in Review


Episode 31 – 2012 Year in Review

On this edition of the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, we have a report from New Year’s Eve Eve and New Year’s Eve from EPCOT  by Brandon, and our 2012 year in review DIS-Cussion. We talk about all of the big stories this year, including One More Disney Day, EPCOT’s 30th Anniversary, New Fantasyland, and Test Track. Remember to tune into us on WTSC Radio at 7pm-8pm EST on Monday!

New Year’s Eve Fireworks from EPCOT

Spaceship Earth with lights on FLURBEX:

One More Disney Dar Commercial:

Happy New Year!


In celebration of the New Year, I have a few announcements to make:

First off, I’d like to congratulate our host Nick and his wife on their two newborns. I bet you’re looking forward to showing them the World soon!

Next, as one of our plans for 2013, we are looking to expand. As a part of this, we are going to be broadcasting our show on WTSC Radio every Monday night from 7pm-8pm EST. Please tune in!

Our 2012 year in review episode will be up this Sunday, 1/16, and will be broadcast on WTSC Radio at the time listed above.

That’s all for now, thank you and Happy New Year!


WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 30 – All Out Slobber-Knocker


Episode 30 – All Out Slobber Knocker

This week, Ryan, Chris, Brandon, and Nick have a discussion on the latest Disney news including the Disney-Kodak partnership coming to an end, and more RFID locations being revealed at the parks and resorts. After that, we continue our Disney Park Characters Battle Royal, and we are joined by Kristi Gamble from her No Dancing on the Monorail blog. We knock off eight this week, which leaves us with eight. Listen to find out who has been eliminated!

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WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 29 – Power of the Overlay


Episode 29 – Power of the Overlay

In this edition of the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, we bring you the (almost) latest Disney news, including some Park Holiday news, and all about the dragon. Then, Brandon shares his review of Test Track 2.0 (pictures below), and what the newly renovated attraction has to offer. And after that, we continue our Disney Park Characters Battle Royal, where we are joined by special guest, host of the WDW Kingdomcast®, Gary Hall. All that and much more!

Disney Park Characters Battle Royal Bracket

Link Pile:

New Test Track - car located inside the entrance. Fast Pass/Single Rider queue is on the other side of the car (photo taken from Standby queue).

New Test Track – car located inside the entrance. Fast Pass/Single Rider queue is on the other side of the car (photo taken from Standby queue).

New Test Track - this exploded view of a Chevy concept car is located within the Standby queue.

New Test Track – this exploded view of a Chevy concept car is located within the Standby queue.

New Test Track - this is a video that plays just before you enter the merge point for the two design studios. Note - this is the former blue soundproof room in the original queue.

New Test Track – this is a video that plays just before you enter the merge point for the two design studios. Note – this is the former blue soundproof room in the original queue.

Here is an example of what you can design in the New Test Track. You have total control over what you want your car to look like, from the shape of the car, right down to the engine and paint scheme!

Here is an example of what you can design in the New Test Track. You have total control over what you want your car to look like, from the shape of the car, right down to the engine and paint scheme!

Once you complete designing your car, you will see this on the screen next to your car. It is the ratings in each of the four categories for your car.

Once you complete designing your car, you will see this on the screen next to your car. It is the ratings in each of the four categories for your car.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Bonus Episode – Disney Park Character Battle Royal

carousel-of-progress-father-1940s-851x315 On this bonus episode of the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, Nick, Brandon, and Ryan bring you the beginning of our Park Character Battle Royal. This will be a weekly tournament where we judge the biggest, baddest park characters there are. This will be a 32-character tournament and in this show, we did the first 16. 8 moved on, 8 went packing.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 28 – Those People

Episode 28 Those People This week Ryan, Chris, Nick, and Brandon go over the latest Disney news including the new Test Track pre-show concept art, the sheets over Splash Mountain loading area, and Starbucks coming to Main Street and the Fountain View. Our topic for this week is guest interactions and we are joined by Brett Bennett from the WDW Fan Boys. We share our stories of stupid guest interactions and observations while going through the parks. Afterwards, we go into our history segment this week that features the former Wonders of Life pavilion at EPCOT. We go through the history of the Ward Kimball-esque attraction, then go through the attraction scene-by-scene. After that, plugs. Thanks again to Brett for joining us. Remember to vote in the EPCOT attraction poll!

Everyone hates Chris Wakefield

Show Links:

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 27 – Oh, Lucas

Episode 27  Oh, Lucas This week Nick, Brandon, and Ryan share their thoughts on the Lucasfilm purchase by Disney, come up with some ideas for what Disney could put in the parks Star Wars-related, and share some food items that could be sold at various dining locations at the parks. In our history segment, Chris and Ryan are joined by Gary Miceli, Doug Live expert extraordinaire. The segment is based on the short-lived MGM Studios stage show, Doug Live.  Gary gives us knowledge of the cast, production of the show, and why he loved both the cartoon and stage show.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 26 – I’m Gonna Wreck It / Horizons

Episode 26 – New Fantasyland, Country Drag, Horizons On this 2-hour episode of the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, we are joined by Anthony from the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Blog, as we discuss New Fantasyland, Wreck It Ralph, and the changes to the Country Bear Jamboree. Brandon, Chris, and Anthony all got to take part in New Fantasyland previews earlier last month. In the second part of the show, we have the history segment on Horizons. Nick gives us history on how the attraction was put together, some info nuggets, and then go through the ride discussing each scene. And yes, that is the longest part of the show for your enjoyment. Remember to vote for the next attraction below! Thanks to Anthony for coming on a guest this show. 

Test Track’s New Exterior to be Unveiled at EPCOT This Week

Here is a picture of artwork for the new facade of Test Track:


A very sleek new design, as you can see. Yet, the canopy still stands and a new design on the outside of it. Anyone see the World of Motion logo? Anyway, the new entrance area will open sometime this week, with the attraction opening on December 6th. I still don’t believe that is the case, but we shall wait and see.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 25 – EPCOT 30th Trip Report

Episode 25 – EPCOT 30 Trip Report Warning, this show may not be appropriate for little Mouse Ears. Our EPCOT 30th trip report is finally here for download. Ryan, Brandon, Nick, and our new host Michael Grayson along with Johnathen Hopkins, Anthony from the SotMK Blog, Ron Bidnez from the WDW Kingdomcast, Brett Bennett, Leonard Kinsey, and a brief appearance from Chris discuss everything that happened the weekend of the 30th, and respond to some controversy regarding riding Spaceship Earth with the lights on, and sneaking backstage at 2 EPCOT pavilions. All video links and pictures that are discussed in the show are listed below. Huge thanks to Jeff Heimbuch, George Taylor, and the rest of the MiceChat team for hosting the event, and to Leonard Kinsey for having the guts to do what he did on October 1st. Thanks to everyone else who joined on the show, Ron B from the WDW Kingdomcast, Brett from the WDW Fan Boys,  Anthony from the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Blog, Leonard Kinsey, Nomeus of FLURBEX, and Johnathen Hopkins.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Bonus Episode – Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 22

Bonus Episode – Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 22WARNING: THIS SHOW DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS TOWARDS HHN 22. This episode we are joined by Kristi Gamble of the WDW Lost Girls podcast as we discuss Halloween Horror Nights 22 at Universal Studios Orlando. We rate the houses that were there this year and share stories from the night we went. I apologize if there is any un-bleeped curses in this episode as well.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 24 – Nemo Milk

Episode 24 – Nemo Milk On this edition of the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, we bring you a really boring but insightful topic with a really cheerful and exciting ending segment! (Take that Chris.) Hosts of this week’s show are Ryan, Chris, and Nick. There was originally a news segment to go along with this show, but it was recorded before the big EPCOT 30th Anniversary weekend trip, so most of us were away and the news stories would be somewhat irrelevant for this show. Please vote on the poll below for the next “Segment For 80’s Kids Who Cannot Let Go of Their Childhood!” (in the happiest and least sarcastic way possible.)

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 23 – E30 Trip Planning

Episode 23 – E30 Trip Planning In this edition, Chris, Brandon, and Ryan talk about our plans for this weekend’s trip to WDW for EPCOT’s 30th Anniversary. Our schedules, what we’re looking forward to most, and even a few events hosted by us that you can join while we’re down there. This show was recorded a week back from the day it was released, so all information on D23 events may not be accurate. If you’ll be around this weekend, follow us on twitter @WDWDISCussion if you wanna meet up!

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 22 – Trip Reports

Episode 22 – Trip Reports In this edition we share some trip reports from Chris’s weekend trip to WDW and Brandon’s cruise on the Disney Dream. Usual antics for this show, and if you’re planning on going on a cruise listen to hear more about the Dream and Castaway Cay. Also remember to check out Brandon’s Flickr page (http://www.flickr.com/photos/brandglover/) and instagram (asgardianwarrior) to check out pictures from the trip!

Chris’ drawing (Left) and Brandon’s (Right)

20,000 dreams. A look at what happened to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake.

Posted by: Chris Wakefield

There has always been a bit of mystery when it comes to how Disney operates and the behind the scenes decision making process that goes on when Disney decides to tweak, change, and evolve their parks.  Like any good “smart mark” we think we know how that process works, but we really don’t. Trying to peel back this curtain of secrecy leaves many Disney bloggers and fans endlessly posting away on messaging boards and spouting off mostly false and inaccurate information. We all think we know what the future holds for the Disney Company and Walt Disney World right? AVATAR, New Fantasyland, and the Big Thunder Mountain featuring Johnny Depp. Wait… what? So many times as Disney fans we jump into the rumor pool with half-baked information by trying to connect dots that shouldn’t be connected by any stretch of the imagination; but as Disney fans, we manage to connect them anyway, no matter how reckless or irresponsible.  So in the spirit of half-baked fanboy attraction molesting, let’s see what we can come up with.
Now a days we all know that no Disney attraction gets built without some sort of connection to an already existing Disney property. Since I am not smart enough to dream up new attractions like every other DisNerd, let’s take a look at an upcoming or rumored Disney film and how it could be folded into already existing Disney parks and attractions.
Rumors of a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake began to surface around 2007. Director Joseph McGinty Nichol “McG” was rumored to work on the project. He is known for directing those really fast paced action flicks like Charlies Angels and Terminator: Salvation. Now this begs the question; was this remake of 20,000 going to be a high speed action packed thrill ride movie? While the original 1954 film was considered to be the Disney Company’s first major budget, live action adventure, this remake would have to be a totally amped up and a super charged version of the original. McG was a perfect fit for this remake; and I guess Michael Bay was busy blowing other shit up. Now how could Disney roll this action packed remake into an attraction you say? More on that later…
In late 2009 Variety reported that the remake was, “halted indefinitely” and that rumored director McG had, “Walked away from the project.” So what the heck happened there? While there is no clarity on exactly why McG balked on the project, one can reason that McG walked away from the remake for the same reason a lot of potential directors walk away from a lot of potential films. Money! Then studio head Rich Ross was only a month into his tenure when 20k reportedly got the axe. Ross came into the studio and quickly had to distinguish his projects from those of his predecessor Dick Cook. Its likely Ross did not want to green light such a massive budget for the 20k project. Likely to be filmed, partially at least, on water, 20k’s budget was surely rising through the roof. Why is water so important and costly to a films budget? Just ask the people who filmed Jaws and Waterworld how quickly their budgets got out of control. The 20k remake budget climbed to a reported $150 million! This led to newcomer Ross demanding the budget take a few hits for the green light. McG most likely didn’t want to deal with the hassle of this back and forth financial nitpicking the Disney studio is so well known for, and left the project on the concept floor. Ross would later go on to green light massive budget films Mars Needs Moms and John Carter. McG is now rumored to be working on the film adaption of the rock musical Spring Awakening.
It looked like Disney CEO Bob Iger had something big planned for the 20k remake. Word was, not only did Disney want to film the remake, but they wanted to make a whole franchise out of the 20k brand; they wanted a new Pirates of the Caribbean style franchise where they could make multiple movies and milk the ever loving life out of to maximize its financial potential. This led to Disney hiring Michael Chabon to rework and rewrite the script. Focusing more on the main character of the film, Disney was going to brand the film and upcoming franchise, “Nemo” or, “Captain Nemo”. So Disney was looking to make a new franchise out of 20k; a fresh, updated, fast paced version of that old 1954 classic. So how would that have fit into a theme park you ask?
We all know the story of Disney’s first attempt at an attraction theme after 20k. In both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Disney built the now infamous 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction where those bulky greyish submarines would magically take you under the water and transport you into the world of Captain Nemo and Jules Verne. In 1994, 23 years after its opening at the Magic Kingdom, 20k was permanently closed. When I asked a Disney cast member why the ride closed she said, “It did not fit any of our four keys” which are safety, courtesy, efficiency, and show. The ride broke down a lot, had terrible capacity and was frankly dangerous for handicap and older guests to board. At the Magic Kingdom the lagoon was filled in with dirt and the 10 original submarines were scattered across the globe to be used for different purposes. At Disneyland, well lets just say the subs are still there, and you can see Nemo; just not Captain Nemo.
So what kind of fancy attraction could have been built for Disney’s new sleek, fast paced 20k franchise? One word; simulators. In a 2005 article Disney rebel spy Jim Hill talks about some of the early plans for a massive 200 foot long Nautilus for the proposed Disneyland addition called Discovery Bay. In this Nautilus you would be able to take a walking tour, eat a meal, and board a flight simulator that would board Nemo’s newly invented exploratory sub and dive to new ocean depths. As, “Engine bells clang into action and both glass columns suddenly begin to fill with water at terrific force“ the seated theatre audience is transported into some amazing worlds that are pulled right out of the book and the 1954 film. According to Hill, this attraction was never built because Discovery Bay was never built. Due to the bombing of the film The Island at the Top of the World, “Disney execs pretty much lost all enthusiasm for building an ornate new land at Disneyland” says Hill.
But we could easily see this type of simulator adventure based attraction reimagined for the new fast paced 20k film, and with the incorporation of the new technology of Star Tours, this attraction could easily be a huge hit. Imagine boarding a Nautilus and racing under the seas with 4k hi definition film and screens. Imagine the blue waters flying past you as your sub is rocked by a gigantic squid that comes across the screen so clear and crisps you can see what town he is from on his cast member id. (Yes, I know there is a similar scene in Star Tours already). Imagine walking through a queue where you are greeted by a Captain Nemo animatronic who is eager to show his visitors all of his new inventions. And since this is Disney, imagine all of the new 20k merchandise that will be lining the shelves of the gift shop as you exit! Have they already made a 20k vinylmation?
While this movie remake, and thus, a new attraction still seems unlikely, DisNerds can take solace in knowing that nothing is completely dead at Disney. With the company already trying to remake and profit off of already existing brands such as Maleficent and Jungle Cruise (stay tuned for that one) it is not entirely impossible to see the 20k project…resurface.  In late 2011 Disney handed over writing of the script to Andrew Kevin Walker. Walker said, “We’re plugging away” and, “you don’t want to go off half-cocked. You can find yourself with a $75 million overage in a movie that completely takes place underwater, especially in 3D.”
So maybe one day we will look up on the movie screen and see Captain Nemo again. Maybe one day we will step foot inside that simulator, and maybe one day we will be waiting at the Magic Kingdom terminal and instead of monorail peach pulling up to carry us away, we will see a Nautilus wrap on the monorail. Maybe.
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WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 21 – We Hate Mainstream

Episode 21 – We Hate Mainstream In this edition of the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, Nick, Brandon, Chris, and I are joined by host of Your Ear to the World on WDWNTunes John Corigliano. Our topic is underrated attractions at the parks. We have fun with what we think of each attraction being underrated, and even through some jokes at Captain Lou. It was nice to have John on and remember you can listen to Your Ear to the World every Tuesday at 8am or 8pm EST. And sorry about the exiting music, Chris picked that one.

Blowhard the alien

Week In Review

Here are some notes from this week:



WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 20 – Bring Back Kinsey

Episode 20 – Bring Back Kinsey This episode we are joined by Leonard Kinsey, author of The Dark Side of Disney and Our Kingdom of Dust. We talk about the latest book, OKoD, which you should read before listening. It is $3 for God’s sake, just do it. We don’t waste any time and just go right into a summary of the book from Leonard, ask various questions about the characters and creation of the book. We even come up with our own ideas for what the secret ingredient in “the dust” could be. After that, we pretty much share what our festivities will include for EPCOT’s 30th Anniversary weekend. Enjoy this episode, and if you haven’t already gotten The Dark Side of Disney, Our Kingdom of Dust, or From Dreamer to Dreamfinder, do it now! Again, special thanks to Leonard for coming on this episode.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 19 – Loners at the Parks

Episode 19 – Loners at the Parks WARNING: Some foul language may be included in this episode. This episode we are joined by Anthony from the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Blog. Our topic is solo trips to Walt Disney World. We discuss a number of things like the best parts of touring without a group, what you notice more of when we’re alone, and what kinds of strange things we like to do when we are without a group in the parks. We jump off topic a bit and discuss New Fantasyland, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, and veer off into other random topics. A nice, long show, however it may be a little dirty. Thanks for listening!

Man fetching his sunglasses in the moat next to the Liberty Square bridge.

This man is dead.

A slight leak near the MK monorail station.

Crashed Spaceship Earth computer screen.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 18 – 2012 Food and Wine, New and Rumors

Episode 18 – Food and Wine, News and Rumors WARNING: Foul language in some parts of this episode. This week I’m joined by Brandon and Nick as we discuss the menus of the 2012 Food & Wine Festival. Nick and Brandon also share some of their favorites from the 2011 Food & Wine Festival. After that, I talk about the rumor of an expansion coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Chris joins me fresh off a trip to WDW. We also go over Disney’s new “My Disney Experience” app now on the App Store in iTunes, and the newly released Splitsville interior concept art and how Splitsville will affect the West Side. That plus a lot more and plugs at the end.

Grey Goose Citron Slush

Grand Marnier Orange Slush

Parisian Cosmo Slush (Food and Wine)

Splitsville level 1

Splitsville Level 2

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 17 – Current Happenings

Episode 17 – Current Happenings This week we welcome Jim Hill to the show once again. The main topic of this show is just bringing up news and what everyone’s talking about in the Disney community. We start off with plans for Avatarland, move into Cars Land at Disney’s  California Adventure and specifics for what Disney wants out of the attractions in CL, Disney’s approach for WDW’s 50th Anniversary, how Disney’s talks with James Cameron are going, Harry Potter phase 2 & 3, Disney’s way of satisfying the fans with merchandise, and much, much more. Once again we thank Jim for joining us on the show.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Bonus Episode – Response to DisAfterDark

Bonus Episode – Response to DisAfterDark On this 20-minute bonus episode, we respond to the controversial buzz spinning around our 13th episode, and DisAfterDark’s host Nick’s rant about us “making fun” of the autistic child who got the last ride on Snow White’s Scary Adventures.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 16 – The Stuff We Never Do

Episode 16 – The Stuff We Never Do On this week’s show, we go to each park and mention some of the attractions we don’t usually do, or never done at WDW. We ramble on about Beverly and my plans for October, get through all four parks, and finish off with plugs. Short show today, checking in at around 35 minutes. Enjoy!

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 15 – Mix It All In with Brett Bennett

 Episode 15 – Mix It All In On this week’s episode, Nick and I are joined by Brett Bennett of the WDW Fan Boys Podcast. We cover the latest news stories, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (yes, again I know,) fastpasses, annual passes, dining at the MK that is (was) open 4th of July week.  We also go into Aloha Isle, The Haunted Mansion queue, and WDW DVD’s. Thanks again to Brett for joining us on the show.


WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 14 – The Parks at Night with Derek Burgan and Alison Gabbard

Episode 14 – The Parks at Night WARNING: Some profanity is included in this episode. On this episode of the WDW DIS-Cussion Show, Ryan, Chris, and Brandon are joined by Derek Burgan, a freelance contributor to the Orlando Informer, and Alison Gabbard from her blog That Disney Bitch. Our topic this week is Walt Disney World at night. We talk about the different atmosphere in all four parks, while going into sidetracks about Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, Epic Mickey, Finding Nemo, Tron, and the most reliable source of all Disney news, WDW bus drivers.

WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 13 – Strange Park and Resort Stories

Episode 13 – Strange Park and Resort Stories We have returned! This week’s hosts are Ryan Kennedy, Chris Wakefield, Nick Deweerdt, and Brandon Glover. We start out with a news segment, then move into a discussion of our strangest park and resort stories we have. Towards the end we have some more topics to work around, and finish up with plugs. Thanks for listening and congratulations to Casey from the Casey Luvs Disney blog for giving birth to Ava!